Chris's Song

by Congratulatinos!

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Today is our second promotional release: Chris’s Song.

Chris has a last name Whalley. He is a gentle soul living up North and on special occasions drops into the Boston area to grace us with his presence. I had the good fortune of passing into 2016 in his company up in Vermont and can safely say: Chris is into music. He can talk for hours and hours about a single artist or music from a specific period of time and it is always fascinating to listen to him.

Chris topped off our Kickstarter on the last day with a major contribution and we feel deep gratitude towards him which we have expressed in song.

Diego started this song in the Back Bay Fens Park late at night during the first week of September 2015. I had just moved into my new Fenway apartment and we spent the first week living there together. He laid out the chords and the basic structure and we filled it in while being completely separated geographically: him in Oakland and me in Boston. I find it remarkable that we’re able to pull this off and thankful that it is possible in our connected world. It’s the first song we’ve done with this process and it way surpassed my expectatinos.

It’s a fun tune. Diego killed the rhythm and you can really hear his strong Bachata influence. I got to rhyme Whalley with Golly. I also have a hype track at the end where it gets a little crazy. Hype is usually not my thing but Diego’s falsetto got me going.

I’ve heard that using !!! can communicate hype. Isn’t it weird though when someone communicates with a lot of !!! over email/text but then you meet them in person and they carry none in their face and tone? That happened to me recently and I was stumped by the difference.

Thank you, Chris Whalley. Looking forward to our next hang. Everyone, please enjoy and send to people you think would appreciate it. Our goal with this promo is to have a lot of people listen to our album. Let me know if you think I need more explanatino points.




The loaf of bread you bring, fills the need and keeps us strong.
Sudden in the night, our eyes are wide until the dawn
Oh, is this a dream? Or as easy as it seems?
Can’t believe this gift, fills our hearts with generosity.

We want you to know
Before we grow old
That it would never be the same without you.

Your love’s not like the rest
(oh golly, oh whalley)

It’s been a long time since we spoke my friend
But we know when we meet you again.
Our auras will be as one as back then
Our auras will be.

Your love’s not like the rest
(les’Go! OH! Woo! Come on!)


released July 22, 2016



all rights reserved


Congratulatinos! Oakland, California

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